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La Cotte Covid-19 Policy




What you can expect at LA COTTE from 1st June 2020

  • Medical Declaration Pre-Arrival – all guests required to complete a brief Medical & Travel declaration prior to arrival to assess general health, recent travel history and contacts in an emergency.

  • Health Checks – routine temperature checks for hotel guests on arrival and discreet checks daily during their stay and prior to departure. All staff report for health screening prior to starting a shift. Strict protocol for external suppliers and deliveries including prevention from physically entering our buildings during drop-offs. External Technicians and Maintenance Providers by appointment only, health checks on arrival and compulsory wearing of face-masks whilst onsite.

  • Staff Training – extensive training provided to all staff to ensure they understand the virus, the required sanitization and distancing procedures, effective use of PPE and COVID-19 related SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) developed to ensure safety when performing all functions, especially those with a higher risk.

  • Low Touch & Limited Social Contact - greeting, check-in & check-out without physical contact. Safe & hygienic handling of luggage, with the degree of hosted or self- orientation at guest’s discretion.

  • Staff Shift Patterns - controlled staff shift patterns ensure efficient distancing of staff on duty.

  • Simple, Easy to Follow Instructions Onsite – clear communication of COVID-19 protocols available to guests via QR scan provided in guest rooms. Simple instructions for procedure and key staff contacts onsite in an emergency i.e. what to do if a guest or staff member falls ill or starts to display COVID-19 symptoms during their stay with us.

  • Smart Guest Interaction & Communications – All key documents and information i.e. guest room folder, menus, WiFi password etc have been loaded online and are accessible via a scannable QR code available in guest rooms.

  • Sanitisation Stations – Alcohol based sanitizer (70%) and disposable paper towels available in all public spaces including bathrooms and guest rooms by request.

  • General Cleaning – regular cleaning (recorded in cleaning log) using approved high- grade anti-viral products and disinfectant for all high-contact points and public spaces. Sanitation process ensures cleaning and laundry equipment is disinfected with bleach at the end of every shift. Laundry area segmented to ensure clearly defined areas for used and spoiled items such as linen coming out of guest rooms, are separate to the area used for storage of clean, freshly laundered linen and unused storeroom items.

  • Laundry – wash cycle temperature between 40-60°C.

  • House-Keeping - Guests are invited to advise our team via daily check-list if they would like their room serviced or not during their stay. If there are any additional items they required (e.g. fresh set of linen, clean crockery or water glasses etc replaced daily). New COVID-19 protocols developed for servicing a room before guest arrival, during guest stay, and after guest departure.

  • Room Sanitation – Housekeeping use PPE protective wear, approved sanitation products used, rooms sealed without entry for up to 48 hrs prior to guest arrival. Protective items including masks, gloves and sanitizer available to guests during their stay upon request.

  • Mini-bar and room snacks removed from Guest Rooms, however a snack list featuring individually packaged items will be available.

  • Doctors & Emergency Medical Partners – in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case we will contact an appointed medical professional (24 hour) to assess symptoms and severity, and provide professional advice prior to testing and results. There are 2 accredited COVID-19 testing stations within 30km range of LA COTTE.. In an emergency where hospitalisation is required, our property is easily accessible to several of Paarl & Stellenbosch’s leading private hospitals.

  • Isolation Rooms – An Isolation room will be allocated in case a guest is taken ill or experiences any COVID related symptoms during their stay. Guests will remain in isolation while professional testing is arranged and until results and/or health clearance are received. After patient departure the room will be cordoned off for a minimum of 5-7 days before undergoing rigorous deep clean and sanitation process to ensure the room is safe for future guest stays.



Our Operational Procedures and Covid-19 Ready Plan have been formulated based on the detailed and thorough Protocol developed by the Tourism Business Council of South Africa. As a small family owned and operated business we remain vigilant and continue to closely monitor the rapidly changing situation as it pertains to COVID-19. Our primary focus is to ensure we avoid any risk for our guests and our team. We continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines provided by our Government, WHO, National DoH, DoEL and NICD as they pertain to travel, tourism and hospitality operations.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about staying at LA COTTE

  1. Covid-19 Officer: Denver Cupido -

  2. Sales, Marketing & Collaborations: Theo Pedro - 

  3. Reservations Manager: Claudine Roux -

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